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Rustic Good Food with a French Twist!
 If you've ever been so mad your fists are clenched, your teeth are grinding, and you could feel steam blasting out of your ears, you've experienced being "madder than a wet hen". So where does it come from? And why would it be used to represent a quaint little American café with a French flair? "Madder than a Wet Hen" is an American expression that seemed to originate in the south. It's popular in rural and farming communities where the behavior of chickens is common knowledge. Why? That's easy. Chickens and water just don't mix. Where Did the Name "Wet Hen Cafe" Come From...
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Welcome to our roost! We specialize in breakfast and lunch and pride ourselves on providing rustic good food with a French twist! We have developed all of our own recipes and bake/cook everything on our menu fresh just for you! From our soups and salad dressings to our quiche and baked goods, we put that personal handmade touch on everything. We even roast whole turkeys fresh every day for our gourmet sandwiches!
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